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Robinson, Texas
The Duramax is the way to go.
I currently own a 2016 Chevrolet Colorado crew cab, 4WD, long bed with the optional 2.8L I-4 Duramax Diesel engine. All GM twins (Canyon/Colorado) are six-speed A/T. My biggest love is for this truck, and believe me -- I waited four years for this truck to hit the American market. BTW, thanks Volkswagen for putting in the speed bumps in the road for new diesel engines to come to the masses. As I was saying, I owned a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Duramax for ten years. It was an impulse purchase. I wanted out of my old 2003 Dodge with a five-speed manual transmission standard output 5.9 Cummins and wanted something big and nice. Well, turns out big and nice doesn't always ride the best or get decent fuel economy. This big truck averaged at 12 mpg -- that's it. After age took its toll on the old red truck, I finally talked my husband into letting me get another truck. So, I hit the road and traded it off for a new, fuel-efficient diesel Colorado. Of course, this little truck can fly down the highway pretty quick, the inline diesel has some impressive torque behind it for only a 181 hp engine and 369 torque, literally less than half of the size of my previous 6.6 LMM Duramax. This new baby Duramax still has a tiny bit of lag from the start, and it's more noticeable than my previous truck. But the Colorado has come a long way from the 2005 model my late father owned, RIP dad. The cab has been resigned and refined. I mean, this truck is quiet. If you weren't paying attention, you wouldn't even realize there is a diesel engine sitting just twenty-four inches in front of you. Although there is always the risk of buying the first year model run, and yes, this truck is one of those concerns. But not because of the engine or mechanical issues you would usually think, nope. This engine is solid and sturdy. The transmission is good. I personally think an eight-speed A/T like Ram's Eco Diesel is better, but hey GM it's a start. I have had immense problems with air conditioner failures. This truck went from an unresponsive radio to three repair attempts later ending with ripping out the entire dash down to the firewall and replacing the entire air conditioner system. Is it fixed now? Well, it works some of the time. By that, I mean it doesn't blow nearly as cold as it did before. Sometimes it feels like the heater is on when the temp says "cold." From what my extensive truck research has shown me -- I may own the only A/C lemon in the masses of Colorado fans across the nation. There hasn't been anyone else I have found who has had the continuous problems I have had. Why gripe? Well, I live in Texas, and my husband is a cotton farmer. It gets hot, dusty, humid and just down right miserable and with two kids still in car seats -- going without an air conditioner is just not an option. So I have counted. I have made three payments on this truck, and I wasn't even driving it. I had a GM loaner. And I am well aware of the Texas Lemon Law. If you get a loaner, it deducts yours days out of the shop, so instead of the 32 days that I have, it resets it back to 14 days without a vehicle. Pretty sneaky, huh? So the truck has to fail two more times and have one more repair attempt, if I even decide to keep it that long. And yeah, I have literally owed it one calendar year to date. Well, what about a gas version? Nah -- I've been driving diesel trucks for over twenty years, and it just pangs me to drive a gas. Ironically, besides a couple of other people, one of which I am related to, in a town of nearly 200,000 -- all the Colorado and Canyons you see are 95% gas engines -- some four cylinder and some V6. If I had to go to a gas choice, I would go with the V6. Hands down. Don't believe me? Go drive it for yourself. Is this truck car seat friendly? Well, that depends. If you have kids in booster seats, like a kindergartner and a three year old facing forward, then yeah. It will be fine on the space you have. But if you have babies in an infant seat or will need to be rear facing in a convertible seat, you better not even try it -- go to an SUV or a full-size truck. I got the crew cab because I wanted it and also GM only offers the diesel in a crew cab model. Why? Because diesel engines are super heavy and the frame needs to be a little bit longer to hold the weight versus the extended cab. I personally love the diesel option because I kid you not, I get about 500 miles on one 21 gallon tank of diesel. Sometimes it's 475, but hey, it sure beats the heck out of 225 miles on a 26 gallon tank. FYI, now the new short bed heavy-duty trucks have the same fuel size tank as the long beds -- thanks GM for those changes! So, the diesel Colorado is awesome for its fuel economy, it is super easy to park in a straight-lined parking lot, has a smooth ride and is usually, overall, a good mid-sized truck. Key word: mid-sized. This truck has roughly the same amount of cabin room inside as the 1995 CK 1500 (half ton truck) in the extended cab measurements. If you downsized from a half-ton truck or larger (as I did), this will take some major getting used to. It is not a truck I would recommend for anyone who is tall, and with that I mean anyone over 6 foot. I'm 5'8", and it is okay for me but my husband? Not even close, since he is over 6'1". I constantly hear his complaints about this truck because it isn't easy to get in and out of. Tall people will hit their knees on the dash, and that is a burden because you can easily turn the knobs and put the truck from 2WD to 4WD without realizing what you did. Just saying from experience... So, would I buy this truck again? Probably not. I should have got a newer 3/4 ton truck because it would greatly retain its value versus the demand of the Colorado. I can't complain too much. I got this little puppy at a good price, but I think I would be happiest with a half ton diesel *hint GM* for 2020. But since I bought a six-year warranty for it, I guess time will tell how this plans out...
Jacksonville, Illinois
Great mid-size truck
2016 Chevy Colorado is that perfect mid-size truck. Big enough bed to haul what you need, while still getting great gas mileage for a truck. I have owned this truck from about nine months, and I enjoy driving it every time I get in it. The truck has a great feel when on the road.