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2002 Ford Explorer OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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Bellevue, Nebraska
Great vehicle for all kinds of travel
I love almost everything about this vehicle. I like the space it provides for friends and family. I also enjoy that it has the capability to get through all weather conditions. The payment is reasonable, and the interior is wonderful. The only downfall is that the gas in it is on the higher side. However, the tank is bigger so its comparable to a smaller car.
Jen M.
Jen M.
Evansville, Indiana
The third of many in a long line of Ford Explorers.
I have only ever driven Ford Explorers. I received my first one when I was 16, it was a 1992 Ford Explorer that was green on the top half and tan on the bottom half. It was the ugliest vehicle I've ever seen, but I loved it. I drove it, for almost two years, until it was junkyard material. I quickly moved on to my second vehicle, a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport. Although I was not a fan of having two doors instead of four, I was able to see past that and loved that vehicle as much as the first. I drove that one for almost 6 years, I made many trips back and forth to college (4 hours one way) and road trips out of town for vacation. I feel incredibly safe in Explorers. I once hit an adult male deer at 60 mph in this one and the only damage was a cracked grill and one of my headlights was pointing slightly downward, but still functional. This experience only reinforced my love for Explorers and the comfort I feel while driving one. I felt like the car and I were one. It was hard parting with it, but it was time to retire that one. Now I have my third vehicle, and my third Explorer ever. This Explorer is the best yet and it drives like a dream. It drives incredibly smooth and nothing seems to phase it. I have only had it for a few months and have driven it 3,000 miles. A few days after receiving it, I drove it about 3 hours one way out of town. This trip got me well-acquainted with my new vehicle and I quickly fell in love with it. The cruise control is very easy to use and understand. This was the most handy while traveling through steep grades on a recent road trip. You don't have to wear out your brakes to maintain a safe speed. It feels like you're floating (in a good way) down the highway. I have driven larger vehicles, like a Tahoe, and I didn't like the "floaty" feeling while driving it. The Explorer is different, you glide down the road. The gas mileage isn't great, but it's expected in a large SUV. Even so, I drove 400 miles without needing to refuel once. The gas tank is HUGE. There is also adjustable lumbar support which makes long drives comfortable. The interior is very spacious, but, at the same time, extremely cozy. The seat adjustment is electronic which makes it easy to adjust your position while driving without launching yourself forward if you brake. The steering wheel position is also adjustable. A really neat feature is the key-less entry. There is a number pad on the driver's door. If you have the code memorized, you don't need to worry about locking your keys in the car. This feature is also useful if you carry a large purse full of stuff, like I admittedly do sometimes, and you have other things you're carrying. Instead of fishing your keys out, you can type in the code and put your things down inside then find your keys. I could list everything I like about this vehicle, but it would be just as useful to look up the features since I like everything about it. If I could only ever drive Ford Explorers for the rest of my life, I would be entirely okay with that.