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2015 Ford Explorer OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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Dakota Ridge, Colorado
My favorite family car.
I work in IT and feel like I've finally found a car with enough tech features and toys to allow me to occupy my time. One of the features that particularly brings me joy in this car is the panoramic moon roof. I have 4 kids and they always have a blast when in the summer we drive with the sun/moon roof open letting in the sunshine and breeze. The leather seats, although at this point 4 years old are not showing any wear and are very easy to clean. I personally don't like to be too warm in the car so in the summer, the AC vents throughout the car do a great job of keeping up with the outside temperature and in the winter, the heated driver and passenger seats allow me to keep the heater off when I am driving by myself. The remote start system that came installed with the car allows me to get the car ready from the comfort of the house without going outside which adds to the comfort. The handling is excellent with the intelligent all wheel drive system so a drive in the snow is not something I've had to worry about ever since I bought this car. I generally fill up once a week and get on average about 20 MPG which is excellent in my opinion for a 6 cylinder SUV. In all the years of owning the car I've never had any mechanical issues with the engine which sounds excellent during high revs. Despite being small enough to park in my garage it still fits 6 people comfortably and has plenty of storage. I make multiple trips to the farmers markets each month and the rear seats fold flat allowing me to store as many boxes of apples as we can eat!
06419, Connecticut
Family Car
My Ford Explorer is a great family car. There is enough space in the interior for my family of six to sit comfortably. We go on long trips and our four children never complain about being cramped. The car is roomy but still on the small side and easy to drive and maneuver and park. Also, the seats are really comfortable. I especially like the heated seats in the winter for the front passengers. I enjoy having satellite radio already installed, so I don't have to have a separate unit to listen to my favorite satellite radio stations. The back-up camera is especially handy in parking lots, where sometimes cars or people might go behind the car. This really prevents accidents. The car has such a nice look to it. I like the metallic paint. It really holds up, even in the cold, wintry New England weather. The storage in the trunk may be minimal when all six of us are in the car, but it is plenty space for groceries, school backpacks, or an emergency kit. The third row folds down easily to give maximum storage. The car is very quiet when driving, no engine noise or loud idling. It also has a great pick-up, so getting onto a highway quickly would not be a problem. I am really happy with my Ford Explorer and would highly recommend it to anyone with a larger-size family.