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2006 Ford Expedition OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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Laredo, Texas
A good truck for a large family
This truck was made with large families in mind. It is very spacious with the back able to bring up three more seats in case that more space is needed. Even with the extra seating, there is ample space for luggage or whatever it is that you are hauling in the back. The engine itself is a v6 that runs great and hardly needs attention. The sound is reasonable, and it runs cool even in road trip scenarios. On the inside it has genuine leather seats, and the air conditioning is able to blow all the way to the back line of seats so no one has to put up with the summer heat on the way to the beach. In my personal experience, the wheels are of high quality, and the suspension is great. The rear view mirrors and side mirrors are pretty big as well so you always have a nice clear view of your sides and rear. The truck is of decent height out of the factory so you don't need to put any kits on it unless you want to. All in all this is a great truck if you have a large family and tend to travel a lot, and it's fairly fuel economic so it won't break the bank that way either.
48386, Michigan
Love it!!
My 2006 Ford Expedition is the best car I have ever owned. It handles nicely and looks good while doing it! It's big enough for my 3 kids and 4 dogs plus the hubby! I can put up to 8 people in the car comfortably. There is plenty of room for all. It has a good engine in it. I was the first owner of the vehicle and the paint job has kept that new car look. The inside of the car is quiet and keeps out the road noise. Although in the beginning a few things had to be adjusted, Ford was very helpful in taking care of all issues. The trunk space is good enough - I'd rather have the seat room than more trunk space. The stock stereo was good for most people. Easier for kids to climb in the last seating row than for adults. The seats themselves are comfortable and have held up well. The outside visual of the car looks nice and tough. The suspension is sturdy. The front windshield is wide and gives a nice view of the road.
Waterbury, Connecticut
Good roomy vehicle for towing and riding in luxury
I like that its quite roomy and can fit multiple people comfortably. Its also great for towing our boat or our travel trailer with no problem. The interior has a luxurious feel with the tan leather and wood grain look. The exterior design is also quite nice with the vehicle being a sleek black with tan trim. So far I haven't experienced any engine problems or any other major issues. It continues to perform well and has been very reliable. For my family this vehicle is a good fit. There are some issues, unfortunately the paint on the tailgate bubbles and peels because it was some defect on this particular model that wasn't addressed. Also because it is a large SUV of course the gas mileage is terrible but we knew what we were getting into with that issue. It has a navigation system which has worked fine up until recently, know the CD spins and spins quite loudly so because of the GPS apps on our phone we have just taken the CD out to stop the constant spinning. Other then those few issues the vehicle has held up quite well for its age and the mileage we have put on it going on long state to state trips. It has been a great vehicle and still continues to be very reliable with very few issues.