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Margate, Florida
It makes me feel free.
My van is a classic, twenty-two years old and engine is still running solid. We have driven it all up and down the east coast. Up to ME, right down to key west. Driving it is a unique experience. Built for luxury when a tape deck was hot. Roomy, comfortable, TV and video games, interior lighting, and gets ten mpg on the highway. It's a Ford so you know it leaks, but keep an eye on the fluids and it'll run a good long time. the paint ain't what it was when it was new and the fiberglass top has got some leaks here and there but it can stand up straight in the back. The turn ratio is horrible, a three point turn is more like a five point turn, but that keeps it nice and stable at high speeds. The best feature is the space inside. It can store all the camping gear and still have lots of room for the campers. Favorite thing? Well it's paid off. Not a good work car unless you are carpooling eight or nine people. Did I mention ten mpg highway? That ends up more like eight city. Not to mention the other liquids that have to be replaced. Not a good California car either, would never pass emissions. But to pass it onto a child as their first vehicle, well besides the fun factor as a learning car " learn to drive in the van and you can drive anything ". Oh one more entertaining thing: in parking lots no one want to park next to you and no one ever rides the bumper on the road.
Dunwoody, Georgia
Very roomy but at a cost
The car fits the work purpose I need it for: carrying items to a flea market. It has tons of room, especially with the back seats pulled out. I am quite frequently amazed at the amount of stuff I can get in it. With all that room, of course, it doesn't get good gas mileage. It is an electrical nightmare—there is always a light going off on the dash for some reason, even though everything is working. It is difficult to see around—I have often almost crushed other cars in the lanes next to me on the freeway because the blind spots are like black holes. Even though the car is almost 20 years old with 210,000 miles on it, I still expect the side doors to open and close without sticking. I frequently have to lubricate them with silicone. A large car has a large windshield and mine has a massive crack that could explode at any time. It is like a massive target. There is a lot of storage space in the doors and the console. I have only had to get the front end aligned once in the two years I have owned it, so that is a plus. The overdrive function activates too frequently, if you are going slow. Considering the age and mileage, it is not a bad car but not my first choice.
St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Affordable, yet economical.
Our Ford Taurus is a very simple car. It was a very affordable purchase which was extremely important to our family, we have limited expendable income. When we decided on a vehicle we wanted it simple to maintain so we would be able to make the repairs ourselves. Doing our own repairs saves us hundreds of dollars in repair costs. It is a nice color, well built, and feels sturdy and safe. We live in the Northeast so it is not very economical to purchase a really expensive car. Our winters and the amount of road salt used to maintain our roads through the season is really hard on any car. The salt seems to eat through any car within a few short years. So even if the car was expensive at the time of purchase it would not keep its value because of the rust damage. I love our little car, it is a 6 cylinder, which gives it some get and go. It gets decent mileage per tank of gas and has 4 doors that makes it a perfect family car. I would recommend this car to any of my friends and family.