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9 Chevrolet Impala results

2001 Chevrolet Impala OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Safe and reliable vehicle
My 2001 Chevy Impala Base vehicle is not only safe and reliable, but it is also dependable and fun to drive. This vehicle have excellent mileage. It have 118,000 miles on it to be exact. The interior is nice and comfortable. The interior of the seats are soft and not too hard. It is very roomy on the inside. Driving the vehicle is great. It's not a rough drive and surprisingly very quiet. You do not hear that much noise when driving. The little noise that I hear is not that bad. Although it can be a little quieter, but for the most part, it is quieter than a lot of other vehicles that I have driven in the past. For the age of the vehicle, the exterior still looks very nice as well as the inside of the vehicle. My 2001 Chevy still looks brand new like it just came off the car lot. It have no dents or scratches and no stains or rips on the interior. The paint still looks amazing and is not faded or chipped. To say my vehicle is 17 years old, my 2001 Chevy Impala Base have aged very well for its age, and you still do see a lot of people driving that vehicle on the road. You see people of all ages still driving that vehicle from young teenagers all the way up to elderly people driving the Impala. The Chevy Impala was once a popular car to own. The Impala is a great car to own.
Fenton, Missouri
Trusty and comfortable.
I really enjoy how spacious and comfortable the interior of my car is. There is plenty of room to sit comfortably and to keep all the things I need with me. The seats are very soft and big, especially when you pull back the center console, making the entire front seat almost like an old-school bench seat. The car has a very smooth ride and the is very quiet too. The body of the car is bigger than what I've driven in the past, so I feel safer in the car. The car performs very well and seems to get great gas mileage still to this day. I have put quite a few miles on it but it still drives just as well as it always has. I like the interior fabric because it is a nice blue color and goes well against the white exterior. The backseat and trunk areas are also very large and great for storage. The trunk can fit just about anything I'd ever need to carry inside it. I have had trouble with the tape player and the gas gauge, but they aren't crucial problems that make me want to get rid of the car or anything serious. I also like the look of the car. It has a cool style to it. I am overall very happy with it. I will drive it as long as it runs well.